7th Metropolitan International Exhibition of Photography



Metropolitan Chapter of Photographic Society of America (PSA)

Website http://www.psa-met.com/

Email: psa.metropolitan@hotmail.com



Exhibition Chairman

Guo Jiang Ou (John) APSA, GMPSA, EFIAP

Website: http://www.psa-met.com/

Email: psa.metropolitan@hotmail.com



The exhibition is organized under the approved rules of Photographic Society of America (PSA). 

The exhibition recognized by PSA and GPU.



  • 6 sections:

    • Color Open (PSA  PIDC)    Color only

    • Landscape (PSA  PIDC)     Color  only

    • People (PSA  PIDC)            Color only

    • Open Monochrome (PSA PIDM)   Mono only

    • Nature (PSA ND)               Color and Mono

    • Photo Travel (PSA PTD)    Color and Mono

  • Each participant can enter up to 4 images per section.



  • Entries received without fee will not be judged.

  • Payment by PayPal at exhibition website.

  • The Exhibition PayPal account: admin@psa-photo.org



Closing Date:                            August 22, 2022

Judging Date:                           August 28, 2022

Notification Date                     September 12, 2022

Gallery Online Date:                October 23, 2022

Award and catalog Mailing:  November 6, 2022


Elena McTighe Hon PSA, MPSA, ESFIAP   NJ USA                    Judge to PIDC Open, PIDM Open.

Mohammad Ali Salim APSA, GMPSA, GPSA, MFIAP, ARPS  NY USA   Judge to PIDC Open, PTD.

Xin Xin Liang APSA, MPSA EFIAP    NY USA                          Judge to PIDC Open, PIDM Open, ND.

Rowshan Akhter  MPSA, BPSA, EFIAP/Silver​    NY USA          Judge to PIDC Landscape, ND

Trudy Runyan  APSA, EPSA      NY USA                                Judge to PIDC People, PTD

Rick Mei AFIAP    NY USA                                                    Judge to PIDC Landscape, PIDC People

Xiaoying Shi EPSA     NY USA                                             Judge to PIDC Landscape, PIDC People

Andrew Kurchey  APSA   NY USA                                       Judge to PIDM Open

Huzhong Cai EPSA      NY USA                                            Judge to PTD, ND



Total of 138 awards includes:

  • 6 PSA Gold (1 per section)

  • 6 GPU Gold (1 per section)

  • 6 IAAP Gold (1 per section)

  • 6 PSA-Met Gold (1 per section)

  • 6 Chair Award (PSA-Met Gold. 1 per section)

  • 18 PSA-Met Silver (3 per section)

  • 24 PSA-Met Bronze (4 per section)

  • 12 GPU Honorable Mention (2 per section)

  • 6 IAAP Honorable Mention (1 per section)

  • 48 PSA-Met Honorable Mention (8 per section)

Each participant can win one award per section.