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18 September 2021
Artistic Studio Portrait Photo Shoot
Model Bridget is a young teenager model with beautiful eyes. Her poses show natural elegance that is topically found in portrait oil paintings. [Read More]

22 June 2021
PSA Membership Promotions
From $45/year drop to $36/year, Five-year plan, big save. no need to wait until your renewal date, add-on now. [Read More]
18 June 2021
Exhibition Invitation
by Shokoufeh Malekkiani who is an international PSA member, the gallery located in New York City from July 1 to July 22. [Read More]

11 May 2021
6th Metropolitan International Photographic Exhibition

Since 2015, we have an exhibition every year even in the Pandemic years. the 6th Metropolitan is held on September 2021, closing date is Sep. 6 [Read More]

9 March 2021
PSA Chapter's Showcase 

Metropolitan Chapter have joined the Showcase competition with 12 images. Result will be announce at the PSA PHOTO FESTIVAL 2021 in October [Read More]

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